Benefits of the use of Refurbished Medical Devices

Benefits of the use of Refurbished Medical Devices

Posted by Clara Alvarado on Nov 6th 2019

Now, more than ever, hospital, doctors and clinics should consider the ability to refurbish, recycle and re-use medical devices, specifically those like diagnostic equipment , that are not intended for a single use. The amount of waste that is affecting the health of the planet ,and the people and animals should be minimized in any industry, and healthcare should not be the exception. 

Beyond the ethical and environmental motivations, there is one very important reason that should compel clinics, hospitals and practice to consider refurbished products the financial benefits:  In a study published by Veredict Hospital, on average, reprocessed medical devices are 50% cheaper than new devices. A survey of nearly 3,000 hospitals in the US showed over $150m in savings were generated for each year through reprocessing.

The ability to refurbish a particular device might be an important consideration in the selection of any medical device at the initial site of use, and it must be considered before changing a device‚Äôs model. The use of refurbished equipment, if it complies with the standards of accuracy and features needed by the physician should be consider in each purchase decision. 

In Equipamos LLC, we are committed with this new trend offering new and refurbished diagnositc equipment.