1. What are the minimum computer requirements for QRS-Card usage?

Minimum requirement for the Pc are:
Pentium II, 233 Mhz, 32 MB RAM, 1 GB Hard Disk, VGA 1024X768) monitor, Window 98/2000/ME, Window compatible printer.


2. What is QRS-Card and how does it acquire 12 Lead ECG?

QRS-Card is an electronic device, (4.5¨by 2.5¨). One side of this box connects to the patient using a standard 12 Lead ECG cable. The other side of this box connects to the serial port of a PC (USB version also available). The device uses the QRS-Card/Stwin software to acquire ECG´S which can be Saved, E-mailed or printed.


3. Are Physicians able to type their own comments?

Physician can easily modify the interpretation or write their comments, which later can be printed in as reports.


4. How does QRS-Card Prints ECG Reports?

QRS- Card prints various reports using any Windows Compatible printer 
QRS- Card prints ECG Rhythm data including the grid on a plain paper


5. How is the QRS-Card powered?

QRS- Card is the only ECG device available in the industry, which does not use batteries.
QRS-Card takes power from the PS2 port of the notebook computer, or PS2 of the notebook or Desktop computer, or the USB port of the computer.



6. What are the accessories shipped with the QRS-Card?

QRS-Card shipped with following items:
QRS-Card ECG Device
12 Lead ECG wires
Data/Keyboard cable/ which connects QRS-Card to the computer
User Guide
QRS-Card Quick Reference Card
Stwin Quick Reference flow chart



7. How does QRS-Card connect to a computer?

The QRS-Card Connects to the serial port or the USB port of the computer.


8. Does QRS-Card perform Automatic ECG Interpretation?

The QRS-Card software has built in automatic ECG Interpretation.
This interpretation is USA FDA Approved. 
Physicians can edit the automatic interpretation by typing new interpretative statements or using statements from a predefined library.


9. How do I obtain new/upgrade QRS-Card Software?

Latest software and upgrade can be requested from Pulse Biomedical Office in USA or this software can be directly downloaded from Pulse Biomedical Website.


10. Can I use QRS-Card on different computer?

QRS-Card can be used on multiple computers by installing the Stwin software on various computers and then connecting QRS-Card to the new computer.


11. Does the QRS-Card have warranty policy?

QRS-Card comes with one year warranty.
Software upgrades are usually free.


12. Does QRS-Card Stress System support automatic Treadmill or Ergo meter control?

QRS-Card supports only digitally (serial/RS232) controlled Treadmills and Ergo meters.
In order to use automatic treadmills or Ergo meter two serial ports must be available. One serial port to connect the QRS-Card and the other to connect the Treadmill or Ergo meter. 
If the QRS-Card in connected to the USB port the one serial port is required to control the treadmill or the Ergo meter.


13. Does QRS-Card ECG Systems supports automatic Blood Pleasure?

QRS-Card does support Automatic Blood Pressured devices from Ergoline and suntech ¨Tango¨.


14. Can I send a patient WCG electronically to a remote location?

ECG an be sent electronically via diskette/CD or emailed to a remote location. 
Use on the remote site can download free demo software to review the ECG´s.