V-Scan Extend Gets Help from AI

V-Scan Extend Gets Help from AI

Sep 16th 2019

AI is being applied to more fields, industries, and applications previously not even considered for needing improvement. The medical field is no exception and for top medical equipment producers to remain competitive and relevant, adaptation and adoption is essential, especially with the advent of AI.

The GE-produced V-Scan Extend is a small, portable, and versatile ultrasound system that has taken up the leading flag delivering an AI-aided LVivo Ejection Fraction measurement tool. Rather than leaving arbitrary human calculation of left ventricle fluid ejection from the chamber, it manages more exact volumetric measurements delivering more accurate information and diagnostic decisions by a trained professional.

An article by Forbes states that a study by Accenture suggests that AI will become evermore prevalent in the healthcare industry as computers can automate the rote tasks within medicine, providing greater speed and accuracy, and leaving doctors and human workers more time to provide care and the organic human relation aspect of healthcare.

Moreover, AI could even be used to streamline and clean messy datasets to improve the patient-doctor relationship by reducing logistic inefficiencies and providing the right information in a more accessible manner to doctors who may be busy or overloaded with patient info.

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