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Ergometer-Tilt Table-Treadmills

  • Cath Ergometer Cath Ergometer

    Cath Ergometer

    The ultimate exercise ergometer for pulmonary artery catheterization Patients can easily achieve steady state exercise for accurate intracardiac hemodynamic assessment or nuclear studies. Specially designed to custom fit and adjust to a specific cath...

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  • Ergometer Corival CPET by LODE

    Ergometer Corival CPET by LODE

    Can be controlled by all known Cardio Stress & Cardio- Pulmonary Exercise devices The Corival is one of the most popular ergometers worldwide. The low start-up load of 7 Watt is first-class. The Corival cpet is standard supplied with a communication...

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  • Treadmill TMX 425

    Treadmill TMX 425

    These are USED TMX425 in excellent working and aesthetic conditions FEATURES User Capacity - 400lbs. Frame: 10 guage steel side rails 12 guage steel motor pan Powder coat  Drive System Heavy duty 2.2 HP AC inverter drive 110V, 60 Hz,...

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  • Treadmill Trackmaster TMX 428

    Treadmill Trackmaster TMX 428

    The Trackmaster® TMX428 heavy-duty, medical treadmill is specifically designed to be interfaced with and controlled by a wide variety of Cardiac and Pulmonary Stress Testing Systems. Made in America since 1983, Trackmaster®...

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